All I ever wanted was to live the life of an ordinary woman. To feel free, without the strain of a huge responsibility on my shoulders. I was the protector of the Shikon no Tama and because of this, my life, from day to day, was a constant battle. Then, one day... I met Inuyasha. He was different. He made me feel...different- as if I was a free, ordinary woman, all along. He was a hanyou, a half-demon, and he felt worthless, but I made him feel as if he was a whole- like he was never alone. We completed each other. For once, for the first time ever...I trusted someone. And he trusted me. He wanted to free me of this burden of the jewel and he wanted to be with he decided to become full human and get rid of the jewel forever. That was where our fate was torn apart. I was tricked to believe that Inuyasha betrayed me and Inuyasha was deceived as well, tricked into thinking I betrayed him. In the end, I perished, along with the jewel and Inuyasha was pinned to the Sacred Tree, to sleep for 50 years. This was all from Naraku's doing. Naraku, the end product of the pathetic, selfish, greedy, and helpless man named Onigumo, whom I fed and took care of. Onigumo's desire for me brought upon Naraku. And Naraku, was my demise.

Long ago, a beautiful priestess come into possession of the Shikon Jewel, the sacred jewel said to bestow any demon with great powers. At the same time, a young half-demon seaking his place in the world sought a way to become more powerful. This is the story of Inuyasha and Kikyou, from their first meeting to their tragic parting. This is their tale, a tragic love song of destiny. InuYasha (via inuyashawonderstruck)

(Source: higurashi-shrine)

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